Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday brain vomit

I've been racking my brain (just prior to Googling whether it's "racking" or "wracking") for the last few days, trying to think of something blog-worthy. Nothing very specific has sprung to mind, so I might be all a bit racked out at the moment.

Perhaps it's just that my brain has turned to mush as I've been taking in a bit more television than usual. Oh, the lure of the British telly. As I write, I sit with a bowl of Pringles and a glass of wine in front of me (cocktail glass, all of the wine glasses have absconded), one woman in a pink tracksuit holding the neck of another woman in a snakeskin, lighting up the screen in front of me. A fairly crazy Friday night, you'll agree.

The other night I watched 'Long Lost Family' and cried.

Bex and I are slightly addicted to 'Waterloo Road': bad script, bad acting, bad-ass fifteen year old boys and that sexy middle aged woman from 'Silent Witness'. It's Wednesday night heaven.

In other news, I've realised it's time to admit something... I have an addiction to dot points. So here, in no particular order, are some bits and pieces from Life At The Moment:

- Next week is my last week at St Christopher's. And I feel sad.
- I play a little bit of the guitar each day. I'm still quite bad.
- Taco is coming to London in less than two weeks and I'm very excited about seeing the lovely Dutchman again.
- Two of the most beautiful girls I know- Emma and Claire- are now BOTH on this side of the world. And by hook or by crook (what a great saying), we'll be The Three Chicas again, for a day, a week, a moment.
- I've been getting up AND going to bed IN THE LIGHT! It gets light before 5am! The sky's still light at 10pm!
- On Sunday I start rehearsals for a little musical I'm going to be in. I'm playing Lucy in 'You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown' with South London Theatre. I have no idea what it'll be like, but dude, I am mega excited about doing a show again.
- Interviews next week for possible future physio work.
- That might end this little update for now. My brain feels really mushy on Fridays. It seems to often end up being a rewarding but bloody busy and often slightly draining day at work. I love it. But chocolate definitely helps get me through the afternoon.

Will be in touch with more comprehensive words, less dot points (actually that I can't promise), and a little more poetry soon.

Lots of love,


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  1. that's the one thing I miss - the light nights and mornings - beautiful!