Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alrighty folks, so I got back a couple of hours ago from the Superhero Fun Run. And it really was a fun run. Lots of enthusiastic people (including slightly too-excited-for-Sunday-morning personal trainers in charge of leading the warm up), lots of polyester (ineffective heat loss, anyone?), lots of good vibes being spread through Regent's Park by various caped crusaders.

Here is me in some of my garb. It's London so no-one really gets that excited when you take the tube in green tights, red hotpants, sequinned shoes and a lot of floral crap pinned in your hair. But I felt pretty happy. I decided to go as a Happy Hulk of sorts, given that the St Christopher's shirts were lime green. There were costumes given out at the event, too, so I added a bit of Super Girl to my outfit. This fit nicely with my sentiments of doing this run not only for the wonderful St Christopher's, but also for The Ladies in My Life. Allow me a moment or twenty seven of cheesiness to just mention a FEW of the women I thought about while I was running today...

* Nanna, who did a lot of work for Mary Potter Hospice- I've been thinking about her a lot since working at St Christopher's. I hope that, beyond a mutual love of leopard print, bright lipstick and excessive amounts of clothing, some of Nanna's compassion and care have seeped through to me.
* Maureen McEvoy, my Mum, a dynamic tour-de-force of love, inner strength, optimism, doing too much, committment, being the person I probably used to be a bit scared I'd become but now hope I get close to becoming.
* Grandma, the most loving woman you could ever meet.
* Paddy McEvoy, my emotional mirror, the very epitome of awareness of others, instigator of my feminist ideals, radiance and joy.
* Maura, Bernie, Aine, Monica- McEvoy women are the best kinds of women. Fiery, honest, appreciators of good food, giving.
* Jane Stanley, who's had a bit of crap stuff come her way, but still manages to be this incandescent, warm woman (and, conveniently, decided to love an amazing man called Muzz just so that I could be provided with a best mate.)
* Emma Haywood, Claire Stanley, Catherine Muir- the three uni girls who cemented in my heart a place as the best friends one could possibly hope for. I remember a night at a house party sitting on couches underneath fairy lights, professing oodles of love for each other- that's the general feeling that sums up my feelings when I think about them.
* Linda Martin
* Lyn Skobourg
* Naikim Um, my Phnom Penh friend, sister, coffee mate.
* Luisa Cosia
* Lucy Markiewicz
* Raluca
* Rachel Rai, my soul sister of the stage.
* Amy Klar
* Veronica Ziesing
* Suzanne Abimosleh (Shnoogy to me)
* Maggie Moore
* Bernie Burke + The Burkettes Rachel, Claire, Lucy... amazing, wholesome, fun and glowing women.
* Ali Bell
* Belinda O'Callaghan
* Mum's sisters (remembering one of the most touching moments of my life when, on the night of my 21st birthday, amidst preparations for Nanna's funeral, 4 women bundled slightly-sooky me up, dressed me in Nanna's clothes and sent me off to dinner with my friends.)
* Bek Menzies
* Nanna Quick
* The St Chistopher's allied health lasses: Jenny, Kate, Lorna, Frances. I couldn't have asked for more beautiful ladies to be in a team with for these past few months.
* Paula Williams
* Ruth Quick, more beautiful and kind each day.
* Sister Judith- Saint Aloysius was so great for me.

...There are a lot more ladies doing their thing in my heart/mind every day. But I only had 10 kilometres this morning... So I'd better go out for another run now!

Thanks again to everyone for your support. St Christopher's has touched me and given me more direction in terms of the type of physio I want to be. I'm really happy to, with your help, be able to give a bit back (aside from my compulsive trips to the charity shop!)

Love Claire. xoxox

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  1. Lovely, sweet words about the Ladies, Claire. Missed you and your voice last night at the confirmations, but your brother did great.