Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Got mulah?

This post is a bit of shameless sort-of-self-promotion. I'll write something big and heartfelt soon, because I'm definitely feeling the drive, especially after reading magnificent Maggie's enthuasiastic "Yay writing!" post.

But no form of web-based promotion is safe from me at the moment, as I'm trying to round up a bit of dosh for St Christopher's Hospice, where I currently work as a physio. The work they do here is phenomenal. There is so much care for every patient in there, and I feel really valued and cared for, too, as a member of staff. It's a fragile and beautiful thing, palliative care, but they have the artform mastered. There is happiness, beautiful gardens, humour, sing-a-longs, support, cake and lots of laughter, despite the fact that a lots of patients and families involved with St Christopher's have been handed some serious burdens to deal with regarding life expectancy.

The organisation really relies on donations to keep it going. I'm finishing up my work there in a little over a month's time now, but I'm wanted to show as much support for them as I could, so I'm doing the Super Hero Fun Run on May 15th. It's no London Marathon, as Paddy commented, by the time the 5km is over I'll probably just be feeling warmed up, BUT I get to dress up, thus combining my love of sportiness and silliness.

So if you'd like to chuck a couple of dollars in my metaphorical tin (100% of which will go to the hospice), go to the fundraising page at:

It's a worthy cause, I assure you. Check out the webpage here:

Thank you folks.

Back with more words soon. And hopefully a big mug of tea and some biscuits.

Love Claire xox

Sunday, April 17, 2011

London Living

A few things about life here so far...

Found! : Good coffee in London. On first taste, I almost had tears in my eyes, such was the surprise and the satisfaction. Grind Coffee Bar: you done good. You done real good. (Get a life Claire McEvoy, you pathetic soya-sipping, laptop-tapping yuppie.)

I'm living in a lovely pad in Southfields, in the south-west. There was a bit of online searching before I found this little gem though. I feel like there's a bit of an art to writing 'looking for a housemate' ads... and this isn't it (from gumtree.com):

i have a great flat in east london am i looking for a flatmate to share with me.its a 1 bedroom but theres loads of space.ideally this place would suit a woman.if u r working,single and looking for a great place to stay come and check this place out.the rent is negoitable and can be discounted if ur a good cook.pls ring or leave a text.aca.thanks.

err... pass...

The London Beast (hand-me-down from the lovely and sadly-missed Miss Rai on her departure.) She's rusty, she's slow, but she has some floral decor going on, and brings a whole lot of joy.

Making the most of arty goodness as offered by the city. Shoes the Musical was amazing.

Borough Market Fridays- excellent for blowing whole wads of pay on things like basil.

Lots of lovely visitors, including the luminescent Emma Haywood, and gorgeous little cousin Tess.


Chilled Claire xox