Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This doesn't look good...

Am I getting... clucky??

I seem to be swooning over very lame-feeling things. Well they're not lame, per-se. I just feel a bit lame for swooning...

Yesterday I sat in park in Greenwich (why yes, of Mean Time Fame) and watched a ridiculously cute curly-haired girl run around her dad about six times in a row; I think I audibly said "oh!". There was another vomit-inducing smile moment from Claire in the same park as aforementioned-child fell over (one too many Dad circuits?) and did that thing where she looked to Dad for some sort of cue (ie. "Should I start crying now...?") and Dad warded her off with a cute little "Up!" commandment.

And again, in the park of Fawning Claire, I saw a kid riding a (fricking wicked) bike with his grandparents in tow. Both grandparents had really sweet-as old bikes, and Gran was wearing leather pants, and I thought: "One day, I too shall be Gran Of The Leather Pants and Excellent Bike".

(Tangent: two dudes, both dressed very London-cool like, probably about 30, straddling either end of a see-saw, each with a very cute little boy in front of them, both singing 'Row Row Row Your Boat...' quite loudly, much to small lads' delight. I smiled at this darling little scene, but also thought "I bet three years ago when you were standing in some uber-trendy bar in central London being uber-cool you did not think three years from now I will probably be singing 'Row Row Row Your Boat...' loudly on a see-saw... but just look how much you're enjoying it.")

(Tangent of tangent: I then thought it was quite funny how easily (and appropriately) in singing 'Row Row Row Your Boat...' in the middle of a playground, simple word-substitution could end you up singing "if you see a paedophile, don't forget to scream..."
/end inappropriate thought processes.)

And I'm in the midst of one of my cooking-obsessed phases. Like, I trawl through recipe sites for hours on end, and I feel really in-charge and yet chilled out whipping something up in the warm little kitchen that is temporarily allowing me to reign over it here in west London. Sometimes I have multiple courses on the go, and well, then I just feel completely in charge, baby!

Making stupid faces/noises at the site of small humans, feeling really 'at home' in the kitchen, enjoying warm nights in with a glass of wine as opposed to cold nights out on the town... oh dear...

... should be right as long as I don't start discussing favourite colour choices for house paint or getting too excited about storage solutions.

Chicken Claire

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