Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some grapes and gripes in the final days of Asia

I am...

+ In Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It is busy, filled with young people, come cool street art and good good food.

+ Lucky to have spoken (or typed) with some special people today, including Simon, my Grandma, Maura, Tim, Rodney and Jono.

+ Spending lots of chilled out time with Maryke, beautiful cousin and excellent friend. It's a good reminder of how special family is. And of her slightly evil laugh when something misfortunate happens. We are spending time pining happily for Adelaide beach, space and people.

+ Feeling ready to put my bags down for an extended period of time.

+ Revelling in doing not much and not feeling guilty or anything about it. I could go and see some more of Java before I head to Jakarta at the end of the week, but to be honest, can't be bothered, am happy to

+ Actually looking forward to feeling a bit chilly.

+ Ready for some high heels, red lipstick and a glass of wine.

+ Not too poor to keep going!

+ Feeling a bit excellent for having almost finished 'Midnight's Children' by Salman Rushdie. It's not an easy read, I'm not entirely sure if I like it all in all (although there are some excellent sight and smells painted by his crazy roaming narrative, and he does use the word 'farts'). BUT I feel like I'll be a better person if I can get through it, and I feel a bit good carrying around a large large book and being all "Oh this? Why yes, I AM currently reading Rushdie...(just don't ask me what the heck's going on)"

+ Still loving Asia and already having thoughts about coming back. China next perhaps? Return to Cambodia with the family in tow?

But also...

- A bit over feeling silly/naughty/crazy/underdressed for running around the place.

- Ready to wear some non-conservative clothing.

- A little bit scared about my lack of plans (but excited by the possibilities).

- Sending paperwork here and there and feeling like it's mostly bullshit. Can't one country just say to the other country "Yeah, she's an alright physio, give her a job I reckon" and that be the end of it?!

- Materialistic at the heart of it all, probably. Asia has given me a LOT, but I don't seem to have lost my desire to hoard large amounts of clothing and wear something different every day. This does not fit well with the 'clothes on my back' lifestyle.

- Desperately missing having a big old sing and dance.

In short, life's great: I have two legs and two arms and people who love me and I love and no responsibilities and lots of possibilities.

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