Sunday, April 17, 2011

London Living

A few things about life here so far...

Found! : Good coffee in London. On first taste, I almost had tears in my eyes, such was the surprise and the satisfaction. Grind Coffee Bar: you done good. You done real good. (Get a life Claire McEvoy, you pathetic soya-sipping, laptop-tapping yuppie.)

I'm living in a lovely pad in Southfields, in the south-west. There was a bit of online searching before I found this little gem though. I feel like there's a bit of an art to writing 'looking for a housemate' ads... and this isn't it (from

i have a great flat in east london am i looking for a flatmate to share with me.its a 1 bedroom but theres loads of space.ideally this place would suit a woman.if u r working,single and looking for a great place to stay come and check this place out.the rent is negoitable and can be discounted if ur a good cook.pls ring or leave a text.aca.thanks.

err... pass...

The London Beast (hand-me-down from the lovely and sadly-missed Miss Rai on her departure.) She's rusty, she's slow, but she has some floral decor going on, and brings a whole lot of joy.

Making the most of arty goodness as offered by the city. Shoes the Musical was amazing.

Borough Market Fridays- excellent for blowing whole wads of pay on things like basil.

Lots of lovely visitors, including the luminescent Emma Haywood, and gorgeous little cousin Tess.


Chilled Claire xox

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